The Battle of Jet Lag

by Eli Hodapp

The best part about spending a week in Finland was spending a week in Finland. The worst part about spending a week in Finland was that on the last night I was there, I was finally sleeping normally. Well, flying eight time zones to the west undid all of that, and now I’m just as jumbled up back in what should be “normal” time. I didn’t sleep much last night, got up late this morning, and had entirely too much to do today with TouchArcade.

I’d love to keep musing about observations on European and American culture, and all the other junk that’s been going through my head lately but I’m exhausted. The worst part is, my body is in this weird state where I’m not really tired enough to sleep, but too tired to really think straight of do things how I want to. It’s frustrating because I like to be on top of my game, for obvious reasons.

My brain is so fried that I totally forgot about all the swag I brought back from Finland which I re-discovered while unpacking. Aside from a king pig, a yellow bird, an Angry Birds tie, and a Supercell shirt I also smuggled in three packets of glögi seasoning mix. Now I just need someone to translate the instructions for me.

This week is going to be insane for TouchArcade, and I really need to flip my sleep schedule around. I’m going to take some sleeping pills and try my best to do that right… now!