Day 3: Five Hundred Games and a Croque Monsieur

by Eli Hodapp

Continuing yesterday’s Ambien experiments, I’m not really sure the drug has done me any good at all. It seems totally oversleeping on Wednesday night and through Thursday afternoon made it totally impossible to sleep last night. I tried all my tricks to fall asleep from watching boring military shows on Netflix1 to listening to dry history podcasts. Nothing worked. In retrospect, I wish I could have just committed to not sleeping a little earlier, as I could’ve gotten a ton done last night instead of seven hours of blanket shifting.

But, whatever, at around 7:30 this morning I got out of bed and popped in the shower. Shortly thereafter I was on my way to meet the rest of the crew for the first IMGA judging session. It seems Jeff didn’t sleep either, so we were mega-tired bros today. I totally, totally ran out of steam at about 1:00 in the afternoon, with many hours to go in the judging. There’s absolutely nothing worse than being completely mentally and physically drained, with no escape to go sleep.

Coffee helped, but European coffee is hella strong compared to what you’d usually have in the USA, so I was trading exhaustion for coffee stomach. It worked though, and we made it through all five hundred games to be judged in the first pass by around 6:00 PM. I was invited to dinner, but me and the rest of the American crew were way too exhausted for any restaurant shenanigans. Instead, I picked up a croque monsieur from a nearby takeout place which I only ate a few bites of. I totally forgot just how greasy they are.

The dudes who ran this sidewalk snack stand were super friendly. One of them lived in Orlando, Florida for a year, so we had all sorts of Floridian things to talk about. There’s more, but I’m way too exhausted to write about it all, as I’ve still got some TouchArcade stuff I wasn’t able to finish due to horrible WiFi conditions today.

I’ll be in Barcelona tomorrow, after a pretty crazy flight. I’m flying north to Munich, then hopping on a plane back south to Barcelona. I’m not entirely sure how that makes sense, but whatever. I’ve got another really short layover, so fingers crossed for no delays on the initial flight up to Germany. I’ve already got tons of stuff to do when I get there, as once I beat this jet lag I’m going to totally hit the ground running- Both literally and figuratively.

  1. Via VyprVPN which I finally got working []