Day 21: Finally, a Sunny Day

by Eli Hodapp

I’ve mentioned it before, but the last week in Barcelona has been cold, overcast, rainy, and generally not very nice from a weather standpoint. The sun actually decided to come out today, resulting in one heck of a day for wandering around Barceloneta and hanging out on the terrace. I don’t really have anything that incredible to report back on today because most of my free time was spent reading in the sun, hanging out on the beach, watching surfers, and just generally enjoying the day.

I was glad to get back into A Storm of Swords. Previously, I’d spend an hour, or sometimes more, at the gym powering through books on my iPad. Ever since I froze my gym membership and flew to Europe, my daily reading marathons have stopped. I’m sort of excited to finish the Game of Thones four book set, as I’m just about done with the third book, and the fourth book should be just as easy to blow through.

There were tons of people surfing today, there was an incredibly strong wind coming off of the Mediterranean, which created absolutely massive waves. I should try a real wet suit one of these days, as it sort of blows my mind how you can not be cold in the water on a day this windy. I mean, it was awfully sunny so it was pleasant being outside, but it wasn’t hot out by any stretch of the imagination, and the water of the Mediterranean this time of years seems exceptionally cold.

I walked down to the W hotel today as well, which you can see on the right side of the above photo. I really would like to get up towards the top of it during the day. They’ve got some crazy roof top bar, but like way too many things in Spain, it doesn’t open until 10:00 PM. I could see the W being the place to be during the summer, but in the afternoon on a Tuesday in February, it seemed pretty subdued.

On the way back I stopped in and picked up some hummus from one of the kebab places in Barceloneta. They claim to make it fresh, which I guess is possible although it seems rather unlikely. Regardless, it’s really good, and is definitely high up there on the list of things I could really get used to having easy access to around here.

I got home to an email from my Mom telling me that my Dad is getting out of the hospital at some point today, so that’s awesome. I still can’t believe I’ve been here for three weeks now. So much has happened, both here and at home, it’s sort of crazy to look back on all of it… And I’ve still got over three weeks to go before I head home.

Well, more like four and a half if you count GDC since when I say “head home” I basically mean stopping in Chicago to re-pack my bags and get a hair cut before flying to San Francisco. It’ll be nice to be back in Lisle, and finally be able to drive my car around again, although I’m really going to miss being in a city.

Hopefully this awesome weather sticks around, as I could get totally used to reading in the sun on the awesome little rooftop terrace here.