Day 27: Party Planning Committee

by Eli Hodapp

What an insanely busy day, monopolized entirely by work stuff. I’ve mentioned several times before, but the end of my European adventure here on March 2nd comes with a quick flight to San Francisco a day later to spend a week at GDC, our busiest convention of the year. I need to start taking meeting requests, but it’s not that simple, because first we need to plan out our party details.

There’s a surprising amount of consideration that goes in to throwing a party at GDC. You can’t just stake a claim without considering what else is going on. We usually hold our party on Wednesday, but this year there’s a much cooler party taking place on Wednesday night. So, after much deliberation, polling of the audience, and more, we moved ours to Tuesday.

You’d think a decision like this could be done in a couple minutes, but planning for this and other parts of GDC sucked up my entire day. I didn’t even get a chance to start taking meeting requests yet, as I’ve been swamped with just getting how we’re going to schedule them. This year we’re going to have eight people from TouchArcade at the event. It’s going to be crazy.

I wish I had something better to report back on today, but I basically woke up, and worked, until I fell asleep watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. It’s actually quite good, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering that everyone I know has told me to watch it.

I’d say I have hopes that I have more free time tomorrow, but I know that won’t be the case. Preparing for GDC is insane every year, and this year is no different.