Day 29: Hatching a Plan for GDC Pre-Game

by Eli Hodapp

Since we’re totally booked up for GDC now, today was the first day that I had time to do something other than sit in front of my computer and field instant messages from iOS developers. I still can’t really believe that, eighty appointments filled in less than two days. This GDC is going to be absolutely crazy. The event has been growing exponentially each year, and I’m really not sure what we’re going to do next year. The idea has been floated to rent a “proper” space to hold meetings in, like a hotel suite or something. We’ll need more people too, which will be more challenging.

This insane demand for our time has spawned a subsequent plan to do something for all the iOS developers that are continually IM bombing me about GDC. It seems the best plan of attack is a GDC “Pre-Game” for lack of a better way to put it. The week before GDC we’re actually going to start our GDC coverage, offering up similar meetings via IM, Skype, or whatever method ends up working the best. This still doesn’t really solve the problem of the sheer quantity of GDC content we’re going to have. The TouchArcade format isn’t really designed to run upwards of twenty stories in a day.

With GDC scheduling at least somewhat out of the way, I invited Jonathan, who just got back from Denmark, out to lunch. We ended up going to this cool little Spanish-y Italian place with a huge outdoor area to sit in. Curiously enough, restaurants in Spain actually charge you more to sit outside. This particular terrace came with a 10% “terrace tax” which is added to your bill.

I’ve really gotten into the whole Spanish lunch culture here. It works absolutely perfectly with my schedule. I’ll wake up, shower, wander around a bit, then at around 2:00 in the afternoon you go for lunch. Nearly every restaurant has a lunch menu of the day which by far is the absolute best bang for your buck that you can even get in Europe. For under €10,00 (usually well under) you get two courses, a dessert, and a drink. The two courses are generally pretty huge.

For instance, at this place, I got a beer, a massive plate of risotto with pesto, then a salmon steak with a side salad, then some cheesecake. All for €6,90. If you went to that same place for dinner, each course would cost easily twice what the whole lunch meal costs, and portion sizes would be very similar. In fact, going somewhere at lunch and seeing people not ordering from the menu of the day is the best way to spot the worst tourists.

Jonathan and I got back just in time for me to start working the American work day, where I did my best to put our pre-game plans into motion. I’ve had a few people who have been disappointed that our schedule is full, but the early coverage seems like just as good of a solution. GDC meeting demand makes me wonder if we’re going to have issues with our party. Historically we’ve just told everyone to come on down, and space has never been a problem.

I’m not so sure about this year.

I finished the day with an awesome rioja and an episode of Downton Abbey, which is my latest Netflix streaming indulgence. It’s actually shockingly good, I can’t stop watching it because it’s just amazing to me that the writers have managed to craft not one but two characters that you just can’t help but hate with every ounce of your being. It’s really pretty incredible.

Also, looking back on it, I really should have been taking photos of the labels of wine bottles I’ve been buying and writing down what I have and haven’t liked. I’ve tried so many different wines while I’ve been here that I don’t even remember what I’ve had anymore.

But, that seems like a pretty great problem to have.