Day 33: Yorkshire Puddings and Body Suits

by Eli Hodapp

At some point last night I decided that I should probably start trying to get switched back over to being on a more American schedule. As more and more people pester me about GDC, it’s becoming abundantly clear that I cannot be jet lagged in the slightest during that event. There’s too much going on, and I need to be operating at 110%, not be running on fumes by the time 5:00 PM rolls around.

I’ve got this whole week, then Mobile World Congress the week after, then I go home. The tentative plan is to try to progressively stay up later and later each night this week until I’m able to reliably stay awake until around midnight San Francisco time. That’s 9:00 AM Barcelona time. I was going to wait until next week to try to do this, but I really don’t know what I’m going to need to do for Mobile World Congress, and I can deal with being tired for the two days I’ve got International Mobile Gaming Awards stuff going down.

It seems the best way to stay awake when your body really wants to sleep is by just doing something really interactive. Using stimulants to try to bust jet lag like coffee or energy drinks only seems to make me crash, but playing something like Minecraft can keep me interested and awake until I decide to go to bed. So, I built a really slick wizard tower until around 4:00 AM last night.

Check it out:

Minecraft really is a pretty perfect stay up late game. It’s really simple, but building stuff is very involving and feels a lot like just playing with Legos… Which I guess sort of fits with why Mojang are partnering up with Lego to make actual Minecraft Lego blocks this summer.

So today I work up around 1:00 PM, and was trying to figure out what to do for breakfast lunch when I remembered that several people at this Irish pub near me mentioned to come back on Sunday afternoon for something called the “Sunday Roast.” I’m always up for taking tips from locals, especially the same tip from multiple locals, so I got myself ready and headed over to The Fastnet.

I’m not sure how traditional their Sunday Roast is, but it was really awesome, and consisted of a few slices of roast beef, carrots, peas, potatoes, and a Yorkshire pudding… Oh, and the whole thing is absolutely drowning in gravy. Finally having a Yorkshire pudding made the whole thing worthwhile. I’ve seen so many episodes of the BBC version of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay relentlessly critiques their Yorkshire pudding that I can’t believe it took this long for me to try one. It basically was just what I was expecting it to be: A weird puffed pastry that seemed to be scientifically engineered to be a gravy sponge.

I seem to be having really good luck lately in showing up somewhere totally unaware of what is happening, then lucking out and having prime seating. Apparently, today was a big game for UK soccer fans, and the place was absolutely packed with the craziest English soccer fans. Some people were even wearing these things called Morph Suits, which are these solid colored full body suits… Which I guess is a thing here?

Anyway, as the game went on, and the Morph Suit guys got drunker and drunker, they all eventually were standing around bare chested shouting at the TV with their Morph Suits totally unzipped. This just seemed to be normal to everyone there. Also, several of these guys brought their dogs, who were just filtering around the pub. Again, this seemed completely normal to everyone there.

Plans for the Carnival celebration in Sitges got shelved as the weather this afternoon really wasn’t anything I’d want to ride a train an hour in, then stand around outside in a massive group of people. There should be some stuff for Carnival still going on in the next couple days in Barcelona, so, no big deal. I don’t really like being in huge crowds here anyway because of how many pickpockets there are.

This evening Samaneh spent what seemed like hours preparing these home made Danish sweet rolls which she told me the name of several times but I couldn’t even begin to guess how to spell it. Predictably, they were incredible.

With most of the things around here closed, I spent the night fiddling around trying to get Skyrim running on my Mac. I’ve messed with the various Windows emulation stuff before, but never really was that successful. Somehow, I managed to get it working via what I can only explain as dark majiks. So, that should make staying up all night to get adjusted to the time a lot easier.