Day 35: Kicking Things Up a Notch

by Eli Hodapp

Decompressing from Barcelona time is going well. Last night I managed to stay up until 5:00 AM with a… considerable amount of effort. Four more hours to go before I’m on reasonable California time! Weirdly, and annoyingly enough, ever since I started this whole project to prepare for jet lag I’ve been waking up at 10:00 AM nearly on the dot. Oh well.

I’ve been doing this whole menu of the day thing a lot here, it seems to be the best way to try a whole bunch of Spanish food, and the price couldn’t be better. For whatever reason I’ve always went to the restaurants that have a menu that’s around €10,00. Today I decided I’d wander around and go to the most expensive advertised place I could find, which only was €20,00.

I’d love to report that the food was twice as good, but it seems like that extra €10,00 went mostly to nicer silverware and tablecloths. That’s about it. They did bring me coffee after dessert, which was the first coffee I’ve had since leaving the USA. It was glorious.

Other than that, my day was mostly absorbed by trying to figure out what to do for TouchArcade and Mobile World Congress. I’ve had a surprising amount of meeting requests, which is going to be tricky to handle by myself. I don’t even know how many people I want to meet here, since the day time is sort of my free time in Spain. That, and I am way more interested in flip-flopping my schedule for GDC than I am meeting confused Android developers.

Speaking of GDC, I think I somehow got on some really irritating press mailing list as I’m now getting tons of stupid emails from morons peddling middlware, ad networks, and other things I have absolutely no interest in. You know it’s GDC season when people start desperately fishing for interviews for ad networks on gaming web sites.

I put so much effort into keeping my inbox tidy, too.