Day 36: Fresh Fish, Cold Beers, and Cheap Tapas

by Eli Hodapp

What an unexpectedly busy day. I didn’t really have any solid plans when I woke up, but it wasn’t long before I was going out to lunch with one friend, out to beers with another, and then out to tapas with my housemates before returning home and working the remainder of the American business day.

Lunch was right on the beach, I had spaghetti carbonara which is becoming a serious favorite of mine. I’d never even had it before coming to Spain. It seems like something Americans would love, and it’s probably at all sorts of restaurants back in the USA. I never knew what it was before recently, so that’s probably why I never noticed it or order it. The gimmick of this restaurant hinges around their fresh fish, per their web site, so I also had some crazy unpronounceable Spanish white fish that allegedly was only plucked out of the Mediterranean that morning.

Beers was fun, but I still maintain that the best beer I’ve had so far in Spain is Guinness served at an Irish pub. Either way, I’m really looking forward to beers at the Bavarian Lodge when I get back to the USA. I haven’t found an equivalent in Barcelona, which isn’t really surprising.

Tapas was great. I requested a place that was dirty and cheap, and this tapas bar most certainly met both requirements. Three people, beer, wine, and enough tapas to fill the whole table for less than €30,00? That’s pretty much perfect.

Anyway, I returned home to some serious drama brewing regarding the Independent Games Festival, a gaming competition of sorts that also coincides with GDC. I was a judge thing year, and the judging process was actually one of the more well thought out and organized of any similar event I’ve been involved in. Cliffsnotes amounts to some dude with a port of a Gameboy game is mad that per the analytics he was able to access from his game, most of the judges only played it for less than five minutes.

When I deal with games we’re looking at for TouchArcade, the process usually involves an initial evaluation of sorts where I’ll download anything that looks vaguely interesting, and see how it is. In this first sweep, you can usually separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff in a few seconds. Games that aren’t good are immediately apparent. In this respect, five minutes of playtime is remarkably generous to give a game that’s not good.

We’ll see what happens with the whole ordeal. This sort of drama always somehow manages to snowball out of control especially as the Gawker network of blogs catch wind of it. The conspiracy theorists in me almost thinks that this rant is a calculated marketing move for the launch of this guy’s game. I suppose it’s equally possible that he could also just be one of those people that don’t realize how important initial impressions are.

The IGF is too high profile for this sort of silliness to not get out of control, so we’ll see what happens in the next couple days.