Day 40: The ONE Day I Have Things to Do…

by Eli Hodapp

I’ve been in Europe now for forty days, and specifically in Barcelona for only a few days left than that now. I’ve seen some crazy things while I’ve been here, but it’d only make too much sense that the one day I have work obligations that there’d be some massive Carnival-related festival right in Barceloneta. All sorts of people were dressed up in costume, including one fat Spanish dude in a bumblebee suit that was way too small for him. It was amazing.

I actually was late to getting to the International Mobile Gaming Awards because of a parade. An actual parade delay. The police were taking the whole thing very seriously and wouldn’t let me cross the street mid-parade. It seemed like they were parading around Barceloneta, so there was no avoiding it.

The IMGA judging session went well. We picked some great games as winners, and I was happy that I was able to push one title in particular through to winning something. The top games will be announced on Thursday, as part of a big long day of panels and other junk I’ll need to do at Mobile World Congress.

It was fun hanging out with my journalist friends, and seeing how wide-eyed they all were about Barcelona really made me realize just how much I’ve mastered this city since I got here over a month ago. I can effortlessly get anywhere I want, have formed some amazing routines, and even have become a regular at some favorite spots. Or, as close to a “regular” as you can get as a primarily English-speaking American.

The judging was followed up by an incredible Spanish restaurant where we had a party of what must have been at least twenty people. Everyone ordered paella, and it came in the biggest paella platter I’ve ever seen. It was at least four feet across, maybe more. I’m guessing it’s just the biggest pan that’d fit in their oven.

After hours of eating and drinking I headed back home. So much happened today that I’m not really sure where to start. But, I’m going to bed.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I was on the Catalan news today.