Time Zones, Telephones, and a Sleep Cycle Owned

by Eli Hodapp


Dealing with jet lag, or, more accurately, my refusal to deal with jet lag this trip is slowly driving me insane, I fear. I figure, I’m only in Sweden for four days, which is by no means enough time to even reasonably adjust without just forcing sleep with Ambien, which not only really never puts me in a zone where I feel rested or relaxed anyway. Additionally, I really don’t want to be jet lagged the opposite direction coming home with such an awesome Memorial Day weekend on the horizon. So, here I am, trying to maintain a sleep cycle in central American time while being firmly entrenched in central European time, seven hours apart.

So far, this is a failed experiment by every stretch of the imagination. as, I’m writing this as what amounts to 6:00 PM US time, having just woken up from a nap my body essentially forced on me at 1:00 AM local time. The only real important data point here is that in fourteen hours I’m giving my talk, and in four hours I really need to try to sleep more. Aside from that, most other things feel irrelevant until my flight Saturday morning.

Malmö is pretty cool so far, I wish I had more time here to explore as I feel like my time has been sent in a (admittedly fairly cool) convention center listening to other people talk, and walking to and from my hotel to other places I need to go for meetings I agreed to. The architecture here has a really familiar vibe to that in Finland, and the cobblestone streets couldn’t possibly be more quaint.

For dinner I fully took advantage of my vacation from eating like a weirdo to hit up a Italian restaurant that was recommended to me that featured one of those daily rotating menus on a chalkboard. Sadly, the selections were all in a mixture of Swedish and Italian, so making an intelligent decision on what to get seemed difficult. Regardless, spaghetti and meatballs seems like a safe choice in any Italian eatery.

It was great, although, a little awkward that I didn’t want to drink anything more than a single glass of wine when the table orders a huge bottle. I found myself weirdly and exceptionally hung over at about 4:00 AM last night, so drinking anything sort of triggered that “Ugh” feeling with that so fresh in my mind.

I excused myself from dinner early to come record my podcast, where I basically retold all of this, and then laid down and fell victim to unexpected sleep yet again. My goals tomorrow include hitting up an H&M to buy gifts, maybe trying to at least see what kind of fancy jeans Malmö has, and doing everything else I already mentioned.

We’ll see how far I get. I wish it was Saturday.

Oh, and unrelated, but phone booths here look like old miniature rocket ships.