Day 44: My Last Night in Spain

I’m so screwed up from a time perspective now. I was making fantastic headway in switching back to American time, then today I had to get up “early” to attend the various International Mobile Gaming Awards panels. This included a “pitching session” where people threw us game ideas and we gave feedback, as well as the actual awards ceremony itself. Jonathan took tons of photos, including the above one, and afterwards we booked it back home.

I did a bit of work for the American business day, and packed my suit case to get ready to fly home tomorrow. I told Jonathan and Samaneh I didn’t want to drink too much tonight, but, in Spanish terms that only means three bottles of wine and a shot of whatever weird booze they gave us at the pizza place we had dinner at.

Ugh, I have to be awake in four hours to head to the airport.

I really don’t want to leave Barcelona.